School Virtual Tour

The school is located in the Greenborough Community Church. We rent part of the gorgeous walkout basement. The architect has a fantastic wisdom and professional sense to prepare the project dominated with the incredibly extensive window areas in all rooms we rent. The space is nicely kept, clean and with the generous window areas, which make rooms incredibly bright and light.

The school has a nice and spacious parking lot. It is very conveniently located right alongside the building. Parking lot is very safe without any throughout traffic. Parents can walk children with confidence directly to the main school entrance.

There is an adjacent spacious playground. Part of it contains the sandbox and the play structure, while it is dominated with the nice tree, which provides the protective shade in hot summer. Another part is a grassy meadow, where kids play, explore secrets of the nature and perform simple botany experiments. The playground is divided by the concrete path and it is safely fenced.

In case of bad weather, we usually use a nice spacious gym, which provides enough space for the children's indoor physical activity. The gym contains also a performance stage. At various occasions, we turn gym into the concert hall and use the stage to present concerts or dramas.

Please browse through our 360° virtual tour below. We believe you will find our school provides a nice, healthy and stimulating environment.